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Rum Rebellion in Cahill Park Annandale 26 Jan 2025 at 6pm

This watercolour came into the possession of the New South Wales Government, and then to the Mitchell Library, from the descendants of Lieutenant Colonel George Johnston. As senior officer of the N.S.W. Corps, Johnston ordered the arrest of Governor Bligh.
It is likely that this watercolour was the one commissioned to an unknown artist by Sergeant Thomas Whittle, a soldier in the N.S.W. Corps who participated in the arrest. Whittle displayed this image in his house, enshrined between two candlesticks, a couple of days after Bligh's arrest. For further information on the arrest and the circumstances surrounding the creation and public display of this image see: Neville, R. "The Arrest of Governor Bligh - Pictures and Politics", Australiana, June 1991, and PXn 762.Digital order no: a128113 Artist unknown. Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales 

You are invited to a Script Reading of the 1952 play The House That Jack Built: A drama in four acts by George Farwell.

National Library Catalog: 

When: 26 January 2025 at 6pm

Where: Cahill Park, Annandale

You may volunteer (at the park) to read one of the parts. You may dressup. You may bring a picnic.

About the Play: 

  1. "The House That Jack Built is a 1951 Australian play by George Farwell about the Rum Rebellion. ... 
  2. It "was adapted for radio by the ABC in 1952...

Why Cahill Park?

This land (formerly known as Camperdown but now formerly a part of the suburb of Annandale) was the catalyst for the Rum Rebellion on Australia Day 26 January 1808....

1869 Pantomime by the same name

The House that Jack Built; or, Harlequin Progress, and the Love's Laughs, Laments and Labors is a 1869 Australian stage play by William Mower Akhurst.  ..

"Lots of show—but real work—no,  

We can’t think of that affordin’.  

Come and do little of the Government stroke,  

Come and do little of the Government stroke,  

Quite as gay as actual play,  

And first-rate pay accordin’.  

<Qong — Music. —Introduction to Adamastor Song,— Enter through"...
Akhurst, W. M. 1870, The house that Jack built, or, Harlequin progress, and the love's laughs, laments and labors, of Jack Melbourne, and Little Victoria : a fairy extravaganza opening to pantomime H. Cordell, Printer, Melbourne viewed 13 April 2024

"This Is the House That Jack Built" cumulative tale Nursery Rhyme

"This is the house that Jack built.

This is the malt that lay in the house that Jack built."...

To do list

  1. Organise Scripts
  2. Find a Director
  3. ??


Marghanita da Cruz

Patron: David Lawrence


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