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Cahill Park, Annandale (formerly Camperdown)

Clr Marghanita da Cruz on Slide

Cahill Park, Annandale (formerly Camperdown)

The expanded Park was opened 5 August 2023. Funded by the state government under NSW Public Spaces Legacy Program ..

The land surrounding Cahill Park, Annandale was the catalyst for the Rum Rebellion.

"On 26th January 1808, officers and men of the New South Wales Corps marched to Government House in Sydney in an act of rebellion against Governor William Bligh"...The 1808 'Rum' Rebellion, State Library

Ironically this part of Camperdown became part of Annandale in 1995.

This causes confusion as the are now two Chester and Booth Streets Annandale with the same addresses eg 1 Chester St Annandale.

Annandale itself is split between the City of Sydney and Inner West Council. Wigram Road, Booth Street and the Crescent are now the boundaries of the two councils.

Camperdown Post Office opened in 1853. In 2010 the post boxes were moved to the Annandale Post Office...more

Annandale(postcode 2038)  has switched between the federal electorates of Grayndler and Sydney.

Annandale is in the state (NSW) electorate of Balmain (formerly Port Jackson). EG 1 Chester St Annandale is in Balmain andCouncil: Inner West withinWard: Leichhardt - Gulgadya (Grass Tree) Ward

Clr da Cruz with locals: Ian Cranwell and Gretchen Gamble

Arthur Griffith (There is an Irish Politician who shares the name, so our Arthur is known as Arthur Hill Griffith) was the member for Annandale. Griffith the town in the Murrimbidgee Irigation Area (MIA) is named after him. The MIA was created under his watch. The Inner West Light Rail runs on a Metro Freight line, which he also oversaw the building of. He changed sides in World War 1 when the government fell over conscription. More about Arthur Hill Griffith (1861–1946) at

Cahil Park, Annandale was the land which was the catalyst for the Rum Rebellion on Australia Day 26 January 1808...

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