Saturday, June 8, 2019

Clay Pipes and Fibro House in Annandale

Salt Glazed earthenware sewer pipes Wells St Annandale.

Salt Glazed earthenware pipes were constructed to exacting standards.

They were used to transport storm water and sewerage from the 1890s.

The potteries in Camperdown and Marrickville produced the pipes to exacting standards from local clay, timber and water.

After over 100 years of services these pipes are being discarded in Wells Street Annandale - to most likely be replaced with plastic pipes.

More about Clay Pipes at

Fibro Cottage, 256 Trafalgar Street Annandale (8 June 2019)

This little fibro cottage in Annandale's time has come.

It is proposed  to be demolished and replaced with a 3 bedroom dwelling.

"A shortage of building materials after the end of World War II, combined with an acute post-war rental housing shortage, saw the increased use of one of the wonder products of the twentieth century: fibro."...


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