Thursday, November 9, 2023

PRCUTS Stage 1 Waste

Planning Proposal: Parramatta Road Corridor Stage 1 – September 2023

References to Waste

2.11 Leichhardt Precinct
The Planning Proposal area has been strategically selected to align with the core
precinct boundaries. It targets growth mostly around Parramatta Road/ Norton Street with the intention of revitalising the Norton Street town centre. The existing Hay Street car park owned by TfNSW will become new open space and a major active transport route. The west side of Norton Street has been excluded until further investigation/studies are undertaken to resolve complex issues such as waste collection, services and parking in the heritage conservation area.
This Planning Proposal has the capacity to deliver 707 new homes with 1343 new
residents and 1378 new jobs in the Leichhardt precinct (shown in green below)

"Objective 35: More waste is re-used and
recycled to support the development of
a circular economy

Objectives Consideration
Council’s LSPS Planning Priority 5 is that “Inner West becomes a zero-waste community”.
This Priority runs in tandem with Council’s Zero Waste Strategy with targets such as “Reduce waste landfilled per capita by 50% by 2036.”
Council’s future consolidated Inner West DCP will include measures to ensure new
developments accommodate reuse, waste and  recycling on site unless a long-term enforceable alternative can be demonstrated. New developments will also be required to provide shared spaces for temporary storage and sharing for large bulky items and space for communal gardens which include potential sites for compost bins and/or worm farms."

Planning Priority E19: Reducing carbon emissions and managing energy, water
and waste efficiently
Objectives Consideration
See response to GSRP Objective 33 -35 above

"7. Homes are designed to be environmentally sustainable, supporting
Council’s aim of zero net carbon emissions by 2050, water sensitivity, increasing
biodiversity and zero waste.
Objectives Consideration
The Planning Proposal intends to achieve improved sustainability outcomes through high performance buildings, reduced car parking and green infrastructure provision.
Council's proposed DCP amendments include provisions to improve water management, increase biodiversity and work towards zero waste in the Inner West"

"The plan supports a range of initiatives targeting energy, electric vehicles, hydrogen, primary industries, technology, built environment, carbon financing and organic waste."

Source: Planning Proposal: Parramatta Road Corridor Stage 1 September 2023

1 We support NSW Office of Local Government improving regulation of domestic waste management charges
In the context of the NSW Office of Local Government’s (OLG)’s regulatory role and commitment to its recommended regulatory approach for domestic waste management (DWM) annual charges, we have decided not to implement an indicative ‘benchmark’ waste peg.
IPART decides each year whether or not to set a maximum percentage (‘waste peg’) by which NSW local councils (councils) can increase their DWM annual charge"

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