Edge Inner West 2023 - EDGE GreenWay

Progam https://www.innerwest.nsw.gov.au/live/living-arts/edge/edge-greenway-2023

creating raw clay fish

Flying Green Fish - Jayanto Tan and Diamando Koutsellis

Drop into this site-specific installation and put your hands to work – create some raw clay art which will culminate in a school of fish on the canal. Flying Green Fish examines historical and contemporary issues around environmental impacts and climate change related to fish species’ habitat around the GreenWay canal. 

In the container

The Long Table

You're invited to take a seat at the ‘Table Talk’ and join a discussion exploring the Art in the Anthropocene.

Using the setting of a domestic dinner table where talk is the only course, this Table Talk aims to generate an open discussion. Led by artist Maria White, the role of speaker and spectator is interchangeable as anyone can take an empty seat at the table and participate.

Table Setting
The Anthropocene era is characterised by significant human influence on the natural environment, and artists and community leaders are responding by creating artwork that promotes sustainability and environmental justice.

Aunty Joanne Selfe, Dr Tarruna Sebastian, Latai Taumoepeau and Kassandra Bossell will join us at the table to unpack and explore how the creative industry and community leaders are achieving this goal, beyond recycling and upcycling.

Maria White  & Emma McManus
The Long Table is an open-source public discussion format devised by Split Britches.


Brush Turkeys Maria White & Emma McManus
Dr Tarruna Sebastian, Latai Taumoepeau, Clr Marghanita da Cruz, Aunty Joanne Selfe