Sunday, April 30, 2023

Singapore-Goa-Banglore Local Brew

 And we thought it was something unique to the Inner West (Sydney). Goa Brewing Company is a startup, based in Sangolda, Goa, India (between Mapusa and Porvorim). Their stable includes the "People's Lager" brewed from Rice.

But there is still demand for Feni, a spirit brewed from the Cashew Apple. The Cashew was introduced to Goa by the Portuguese and the nuts are the main crop.

In Bangalore, on a walk with Vijay Thiruvady, we learned that the Cashew tree is possibly the most successful tree to store water and transpire. "In the field, differences in rates of gas exchange between irrigated and unirrigated cashew trees only become apparent three or four months after the end of the rains, the stomata playing an important role in maintaining a favourable leaf water status in dry conditions" - THE WATER RELATIONS AND IRRIGATION REQUIREMENTS OF CASHEW (ANACARDIUM OCCIDENTALE L.): A REVIEW Published online by Cambridge University Press:  17 June 2013

When ripe the Cashew Apple falls to the ground, where it is harvested from. The nuts are a lucrative crop, but in Goa so is the fruit. It is sold in the markets but also used to make Feni.


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