Cost of Amalgamation - M&L, Micromex, Technology One


Council Meeting

9 August 2022


Item No:         C0822(1) Item 26

Subject:         Question on Notice: Amalgamation           

From:             Councillor Marghanita Da Cruz   




What funds have been paid to Morrison&Lowe since amalgamation (proclamation of the Inner West Council) and for what purpose?






Details on the above below:


·    Council General – review of Parks reporting line

·    De-amalgamation - this is the work completed for the cost benefit analysis undertaken and the current business case process currently being undertaken inclusive of attendance at meetings and presentations provided.

·    Finance General – work completed covering the budget and QBRS process with senior staff to understand any problems with the process and develop a formal budget and forecasting user manual to be shared with all staff who participate in these processes and the complete review of the Budget, the LTFP and the annual Depreciation expense.

·    Rates Harmonisation – Council requested an external consultancy be contracted to perform the modelling and councillor briefings for the rates harmonisation process

·    Service Reviews – Workforce Strategy, Property and Parks AMPs, Urban Ecology




What funds have been paid to Micromex since amalgamation and for what purpose?










What funds and for what purpose have been paid to Tech One before and since they were awarded an expanded contract by the administrator in 2017?






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