Monday, August 29, 2022

BCC 2022

Great to see low energy homes including annual energy use rather than efficiency.

We need performance - the efficiency ratings are misleading it is actual energy use that is important - Small efficient fridge uses less energy than large efficient fridge!

The new code makes some of innerwest draft low carbon precinct incentives now base requirements - now onto low carbon tansport.

new building code: Low Energy Homes (26 aug 20220

Building Ministers have agreed to improve the energy efficiency of new homes through the National Construction Code (NCC).

As of NCC 2022, new residential dwellings will need to achieve the equivalent of “7 stars” NatHERS thermal performance.

New homes will also have a new annual energy use budget applicable to the home’s major appliances such as space conditioning, hot water, lighting, pool and spa pumps, and any on-site renewable energy generation.

This will support jurisdictions’ agendas to reduce energy demand and emissions reduction while also reducing energy costs for home owners and renters.

So, draft incentives for uplift in Low Carbon Precincts proposed for Inner West LEP to be made Law!

The key recommendation is that an incentives-based approach is used, tying floor space ratio and height of building controls to low carbon outcomes. Specific controls are recommended for the Local Environment Plan and Development Control Plan to achieve this. They are designed to be feasible, sustainable and compatible with the existing character of the area.

The Local Environment Plan would require that to be eligible for increased height and floor space in the study area, new mixed use and residential flat buildings, including major refurbishments of these building types must include:

Minimum provisions for bike parking e.g., one per apartment to encourage active transport
Maximum parking rates (rather than minimum) to discourage private car use
EV charging for 20% of residential car spaces and the infrastructure to enable the future installation of EV charging equipment for all car parking spaces
Construction with lower carbon building materials
Higher energy performance through one of the following pathways:

1. Improved energy scores for flat buildings, and maximum energy use of 20kWh/m2 per year for commercial areas

2. Compliance with a number of specific requirements such as solar PV, 7 star NatHERS score, full electrification, increased lift efficiency, motion sensor LED lighting, ceiling fans, highly efficient ventilation, heating and air conditioning and minimum tree canopy

Additional controls in the Development Control Plan are also recommended. This could include provisions for Green Travel Plans, through-site links to connect areas and make them more walkable, and more detailed requirements for low carbon construction materials.

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