Friday, April 22, 2022

Of POPs and Incinerators


In the Inner West of Sydney have various enterprises diverting resources in the Inner West and plan to open a reuse and recycle centre:

  • Wastewood Australia’s Only 100% waste wood shop! On the spot Wood Cutting and resurfacing services
  • Arnies Recon.100% Free pick up and recycling of your electronics and appliances
  • Reverse Garbage When you partner with us, the materials you no longer need will end up in the hands of people who can use them, instead of in landfill. Reduce your waste disposal costs and your carbon footprint by donating your discards and leftovers to Reverse Garbage, avoiding the energy consumption and waste generation associated with recycling.
  • Bower: Reuse and Repair Centres Since 1998
  • Revolve ReCYCLING aims to recycle and redeploy Australia’s bikes, E-bikes, scooters and other Personal Transport Vehicles (PTVs).

 The Green Shed runs a "tip" shop in Canberra and has an outlet downtown.

Upcycle Newcastle

Lithium costs a lot of money—so why aren’t we recycling lithium batteries? "Of lessons to be learned from lead-acid batteries, Melsert said, “Anywhere you can buy one, you can return one.” Making the right choice the easiest choice has proven effective for lead-acid batteries, and something similar needs to follow for Lithium-ion." -

One challenge that was identified by the federal gov in 2020 was creating a market for recycled materials. Ofcourse we are such a small player that we need to fit in with what is happening in the rest of the world - including in recycling systems and waste avoidance. The OECD identified this as an issue in Jan 2007 ORGANISATION FOR ECONOMIC CO-OPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT Policy Brief Improving Recycling Markets

The seminar's last night raised the issue of plastics coming off products made from recycled materials also that waste services involve big private interests. It also mentioned carbon capture from landfill and needing more separation at source. 
Wired magazine has suggested that clothing outlets will have to start taking back and have a pre-loved section. Op Shops are currently doing well but textiles are still a big challenge and cotton sucks up the water from the Murray Darling. Move over Opshops - Vogue: The Rise Of Resale: How Second-Hand Became Fashion’s First Port Of Call

  • Recorded National Toxics Network (NTN) Webinar presents their report on the impacts of burning waste and some alternative residual waste management options for AUS.


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