Friday, April 23, 2021



With the US pledging to half its Carbon Emissions by 2030 - the Inner West needs to ride the waves and not resist the tide.

Inner West Council declared a Climate Emergency in May 2019 on my Notice of Motion.

The COVID Lockdown has seen a dramatic drop in Emissions and we enjoyed the walking and cycling in the Clear Air and empty roads. The Return of aircraft to our skies are an unwelcome return to normality.

Emissions form Electricity were already dropping but we need to transition our systems to renewal and away from Coal, Gas and Oil.

We still need to tackle Carbon Emission from Transport and Gas and ofcourse increase the Tree Canopy and Green Space. Better design of our homes to be naturally more comfortable and streets to prioritise low carbon travel in our urban design.
Make a submission to the Design and Place SEPP before 28 April 2021.

Source of Graphs and more information in latest National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Quarterly Update: September 2020

Local Emissions - Year unknown - Inner West Climate Strategy

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