Sunday, November 29, 2020

1890s Maps of Annandale

See maps under Leichhardt and Camperdown at

The part of Camperdown on the northern side of Parramatta Road became Annandale in 1995...A brief History, Camperdown on the Web

1895 - part of Camperdown - collections of the State Library of New South Wales
Title: City of Sydney section [...] ...Call number: M Ser 4 811.17/1 IE number: IE4377951 File number: FL4377973

 The borough of Annandale seceded from Leichhardt Council in 1893 -


 1893 Map of Annandale - from the Collections of the State Library of NSW - Call number:
M Ser 4 811.17/1 IE number:IE4377951 File number: FL4377973

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