Notice of Motion: Uranium mining ban in NSW must stay

Marrickville Council "Nuclear Free Zone
Photo courtesy Pip Hinman.

Inner West residents and long time Anti-Uranium campaigners Nick Dean and Pip Hinman articulated the case against lifting the 33 year old ban on Uranium mining in NSW. Ms Hinman conveyed the apologies of Mr Threlfo who was heavily involved in organising the Anti-Uranium Mining and Anti-Nuclear Weapons marches.

The residents of the Inner West have long opposed Uranium Mining. An anti-uranium dance was held in the Balmain Town Hall in 1978 and 1979. The National Gallery of Australia (NGA) Collection has includes many Anti-Uranium Poster.

Graffitti in Annandale recorded the late night transportation of Uranium
through Annandale to White Bay.


There are Nuclear Free signs on electricity poles throughout the Leichhardt and Marrickville Local Government Areas.

In 2017, following pressure for Leichhardt Council and the City of sydney  Local Government Super reversed their decision to invest in Uranium related Industries 

That we write to the NSW Premier and all MPS urging them to support renewable clean energy and jobs.

Inform our residents of our resolution opposing Uranium Mining and Nuclear Energy by way of a Media Release and item in our newsletter.

Further that Inner West Council puts forward a motion to the LGNSw conference for all NSW councils to oppose any move to lift the ban on uranium mining and for LGNSW to write to the NSW Premier and MPS urging them ro support sustainable and clean energy and jobs.

Councillors who were present unanimously reaffirmed our constituent council’s opposition to Uranium Mining and Nuclear Energy. Clr Passas, Raciti and Macri were absent for the vote.

However, the Mayor, Clr Byrne and Clr Stamolis felt the Anti-Nuclear signs on our electricity poles were "clutter" and moved an amendment to delete point 3 - the references to the existing historical signs and "and receives a report on providing additional 'nuclear free zone' signs incorporating the Inner West Logo" 

Agenda Item Council meeting 22 Sep 2020.

Item No:  C0920(2) Item 13

Subject:  Notice of Motion: Uranium mining ban in NSW must stay           

From:  Councillors Councillor Marghanita Da Cruz and Councillor Louise Steer  



THAT Council:


1.   Affirms its opposition to any move to lift the 33-year-old ban on uranium mining in NSW;


2.   Writes to the NSW Premier and all MPs urging them to support renewable clean energy and jobs solutions;

3.  Notes the ‘nuclear free zone’ signs throughout the LGA;


4.  Informs residents of its resolution via a media release and information in the next newsletter; and

5. Puts forward the following motion to the LGNSW Conference:

a)   NSW Councils oppose any move to lift the ban on uranium mining in NSW

b)   That LGNSW Councils writes to the NSW Premier and all MPs urging them to support sustainable and clean energy and jobs solutions



A Bill to overturn the NSW Ban on Mining was introduced into Parliament in 2019 by Mark Latham (One Nation Party). The National’s leader John Barilaro has voiced support for the bill. It is unlikely that uranium mining would lead to the construction of nuclear reactors in NSW. However, mining would have an environmental impact and the storing of waste from Nuclear Reactors remains an issue. The NSW Cabinet has deferred a policy decison to receive a report from Mr Barilaro after further research (Source: Berejiklian government to pursue its own uranium push, SMH, August 24, 2020, its-own-uranium-push-20200824-p55ova.html)



As a result of a widespread community campaign during the Cold War period of the 1980s and early 1990s, Marrickville, Leichhardt and Ashfield Councils opposed uranium mining and nuclear energy. The councils erected Signs informing residents and visitors of their position.


In November 2018, the Inner West Council joined eighteen Australian cities and local councils calling on the Australian government to join the United Nations Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Minutes and Agenda Council Meeting 13 November 2018


In 2017, Local Government Super (LGS) reinstated its investment restriction on nuclear energy and uranium industries. LG Super has adopted Negative screens which include "We will not actively invest in companies that derive 10% or more of their revenue from Uranium mining/nuclear" Investment restrictions LG Super, viewed 10 Sep 2020, .


The City of Sydney and Leichhardt Council resolved in 2015 to call on Local Government Super to reverse its decision to invest in nuclear despite claiming an ethically sound investment policies - Fission over Local Government Super policy, 15 Jan 2015, City Hub, 2015/01/nuclear-council/

In 2012, the NSW Coalition government removed the 1987 ban on uranium prospecting and exploration. "the words “prospect” and “prospecting” were omitted from sections 3, 4 and 7 of the 1986 Act by Schedule 3 of the Mining Legislation Amendment (Uranium Exploration) Act 2012. The policy change underlying the removal of the prohibition on uranium exploration was discussed in the Second Reading speech to the Mining Legislation Amendment (Uranium Exploration) Bill2012" (Source:Issues Paper 01/2019, NSW Parliamentary Research Service, 24 September 2019 New-South-Wales.aspx)


In July 2008 the NSW Parliament held an Inquiry into the site of the Radium Hill uranium smelter site in Nelson Parade, Hunter’s Hill. “The Committee looked at the contamination and radioactivity levels at the site, and the impact of that contamination on public health and the environment. The appropriateness of the Government’s planned remediation strategy, and the disposal of waste from the site, will also be considered.” New-South-Wales.aspx


Officer’s Comments:

Staff have no comment. 



(Source: Agenda Inner West Council Meeting 22 Sep 2020