Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Walk to Petersham (30 June 2020)

Today's walk through Petersham via White's Creek to coffee and spinach roll at Gloria's in Petersham.
1885 Petersham Station

Justice for David Dungay Jnr Rally, Djarrbarrgalli (Domain) July 5.. facebook

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Plotting June 2020 COVID-19 Lockdown Walks

Parramatta Road Urban Improvements from 6 July 2020 Traffic Committee Agenda

6.    Catherine Street (refer to plan no. 3010-1F-TCP-001) 

The proposal includes the following:

·    Central median between Redmond Street and Albion Street to provide protection for cyclists utilising the cycle link between these streets;

·    Conversion of a short section of existing angle parking to parallel parking;

·    Kerb extensions to improve pedestrian safety, increase amenity and calm traffic; and

·    Landscaping and public domain upgrades.

Banksia, Petersham TAFE, Crystal Street

4.    Crystal Street (refer to plan no. 3010-1D-TCP-001 sheets 1 and 2)

The proposal includes the following:

·    Shared path and signalised cycle crossing connecting Margaret Street and Elswick Street; and

·    Landscaping and public domain upgrades.


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