Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Transition of Council’s Fleet

Council Meeting 10 March 2020

C0320(2) Item 3 Notice of Motion: Transition of Council’s Fleet
Motion: (Da Cruz/Byrne)
THAT Council:
  1. Note the receipt of a petition of over 100 signatures reflecting community support for the transition of the Council fleet to electric vehicles and receive an update on the Fleet Transition Plan in early 2020;
  2. Write to the Federal Government to look at exemption electric vehicles from luxury tax;
  3. Write to the state government proposing a period of 5 years registration free as an incentive to help people change over; and
  4. Consider as part of the budget providing electric vehicles with free parking in metered zones.
 Motion Carried
For Motion: Crs Byrne, Da Cruz, Hesse, Iskandar, Lockie, Macri, McKenna OAM, Passas, Porteous, Raciti, Stamolis, Steer and York
Against Motion: Nil

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