Saturday, May 23, 2020

23 May Covid-19 Walk along the Cook's River to Canterbury

Willie Wagtail - Cook's River

Westconnex Truck Canterbury

Canterbury Hotel

Consttantine's Hand Made Shoes for Men and Women at 13 Crinan Street Hurleston Park - Phone 95589272

Constantine sharing newspaper clippings of the Wonder Woman boots he made

Foord Street Rain Garden

Fungi by the Cook's River

The Mango Tree grew too big, people stole his fruit, he could't climb up it to get the fruit and bats also took the fruit. So, he cut it down and has now planted a new Mango Tree.

Resident with his blood orange tree - he brought the seedling from Italy

St Paul of the Cross Dulwich Hill
New Canterbury Road
Euston, 67 Floss Street Hurleston Park

Euston House and War Memoral in Euston Park at front of house
See Walk to Canterbury on 23 May 2020

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