Sunday, April 12, 2020

'60s Annandale flats infil and replace large homes

44 Collins Street a very tall painted brick block of flats at the corner of Collins and Annandale Streets  replaced the house at 44 Collins Street.
The red and cream bricks and aluminium windows of the 1960s can be seen on Annandale's Streets.

The fencing at 95 Johnston Street is a remnant of the Victorian building on this site. The Johnston Street Lodge at 106 Johnston Street has the look of the 1960s also.

The Commonwealth Bank and adjoining flats at  Booth Street.

Minisota at 23 Johnston Street was demolished to expand the Annandale Public School.

These flats replaced "Rozelle"

These flats replace "Claremont"
Many large properties were subivided and large houses were demolished in the 1960s for the constructionof blocks of flats.

The high sandstone wall, fencing and entrances from the Johnston Street footpath were retained. 1883 Photograph of the Grand houses Johnston Street.

This destruction was happening all over Sydney and lead to the formation of Associations, including the Annandale Association, to protect these Heritage Buildings.

Flats peak over Oybin

Rear of The Abbey Johnston Lane

Weynton Stree

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