Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Inner West Weed Policy

The use of glyphosate is contentious - but critically it needs to be used correctly and as a last resort. I have heard that some councils use it instead of edge trimming. We need to move away from "grass" verges. 

Minutes of Inner West Ordinary Council Meeting 28 May 2019

C0519(2) Item 2  Weed Management Policy

Motion: (Drury/McKenna OAM )

THAT Council:

  1. 1.   Adopts the final Inner West Weed Management Policy and Pesticide Notification Plan;
  2. 2.   Rescind the Weed Control Policy of the former Marrickville Council;
  3. 3.   Rescind the Weed Policy of the former Leichhardt Council;
  4. 4.   Rescind the Noxious Weeds Policy of the former Ashfield Council; and
  5. 5.   Rescind the respective Pesticide Notification Plans of the former Marrickville, Leichhardt and Ashfield Councils.
  6. 6.   Only use glyphosate as a matter of last resort where other methods cannot be applied and spot control of persistent weeds that resist other treatments occur. Any use glyphosate must be done in a way that avoids it running off into stormwater drains and our waterways. The Council will continue to monitor the science regarding Glyphosates and review as needed.

Motion Tied
For Motion:                 Crs Byrne, Drury, Iskandar, Macri, McKenna OAM, Raciti and York
Against Motion:          Crs Da Cruz, Hesse, Kiat, Lockie, Porteous, Stamolis and Steer
Absent:                        Cr Passas

The Chairperson used his Casting Vote and the MOTION was  CARRIED
Foreshadowed Motion: (Kiat/Porteous)

  1. 1.    That Council note that the General Secretary of the United Services Union, the industrial body representing Council’s staff, has written to Councillors to notify Council that the USU has recently engaged with Safework NSW to further discuss the potential risks of Glyphosate to their workers.
  2. 2.    That  Council defer adoption of the new policy until the USU has completed discussions with Safework NSW and advise us of its position.
  3. 3.    That  Council note there have been recently published studies from the University of Washington and the University of California, San Diego, that indicate a link between Glyphosate and cancer.

The Foreshadowed Motion lapsed.
Source: http://innerwest.infocouncil.biz/Open/2019/05/C_28052019_MIN_3697.htm

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