Monday, February 10, 2020

The Inner West Council Tree DCP

Source: Community Engagement Report at
Tomorrow night councillors are considering the 4th version of an Inner West draft Tree DCP. The draft Tree DCP on the  Agenda includes:
  1. a greatly expanded exempt species list (section 5.2) and
  2. an Offset program (in section 5.5 C8) "However, there may be circumstanc3es when there is no suitable location on site (for example, in the case of small backyards); a financial contribution willl be required to be paid to support public tree planting" fees are purportedly set out in Council's Fees and Charges. 
  3.  1m exemption.
The environment committee has not been consulted or given their views on the version on tomorrow night's agenda. 

Latest Public Exhibition

942 submissions were made to the exhibition of the 3rd Draft (52% said they did not support). "Many comments focused on specific issues that residents have had with trees and in most of these cases it was a neighbour’s tree that was causing a problem. Other topics included:Concern with the cost of maintaining trees;The need for more information on what kind of trees to plant;Concern about reducing the protection of trees;The height of a protected tree is too large (6m) and will allow for too many; trees to be removed and general concerns around tree risk" Report at

Previous Public Exhibition

489 submissions were received to the first version proposing a 0.5m examption - see graph of comments. Report and History at


The Canopy Targets for different land zones in the Inner West are derived from the Greater Sydney Commissions Objective 30:Urban tree canopy cover is increased

"Urban tree canopy along streets and in the public domain contributes to the Greater Sydney Green Grid and makes walking and cycling more appealing. Greater Sydney’s urban tree canopy is made up of trees along streets, in parks and other public spaces, and on privately owned land including front and backyards."

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