Monday, January 27, 2020

25-6 January 2020

lots of learning this weekend starting with

#utsthinkbig forum  rethinking nationism 

Distinguished Professor Larissa Behrendt (UTS) – Moderator
Alison Whittaker (UTS)
Associate Professor Pauline Clague (UTS)
Patricia Cornelius (Anthem)
Professor Susan Page (UTS) – Facilitator

Procession from Town Hall to Barangaroo

Eora Nation Truck
Marshalls guide walkers around camouflaged trip hazard installed in the middle of a pedestrian crossing at Curtain Place on George Street.

Procession through the Rocks
After a short slow tram ride, joined the procession down George Street from Town Hall to Barangaroo - at the tail end with the Eora Nation Fire Truck

Watched opening of show but didn't stay for the vigil.




Buruwan Park

Tyres, Buruwan Pk
After  a morning of Bushcare weeding at Cadigal Reserve (with bonus bush turkey sighting). 

Reflected on the turkey in a new light following Wesley Enoch's suggestion that totems may help us connect with country.

Heading back home I shed a tear at Buruwan Park a bushcare site for 20 years before Westconnex destroyed it.
Stair Removal Notice, Rozelle Bay Light Rail
condemd stairs

Later in the afternoon headed over to Yabun

Black Divas Tyra Bankstown, Felicia Foxx and Sarah Moany take the stage at Yabun
Got a peak backstage and brief chat with Tim Leha the CEO of Gadigal Information Services who run Koori Radio and Yabun.

Also caught up with  artist Jeffrey Samuels and Letona Dungay - still fighting for justice for her son David.
with artist Jeffrey Samuels

"The inquest into the death in custody of 26-year-old Dunghutti man, David Dungay concludes with findings handed down recommending more training needed for medical staff at Long Bay Prison Hospital." ...NITV News 22 Nov 2019

Checked out my favourite Tree in Victoria Park a wonderful Turpentine.

Yabun, Victoria Park

Turpentine Tree, Victoria Park

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