Monday, November 18, 2019

Croydon Road and Ashfield Pool Site Visits

Croydon Road Pedestrian Safety Improvements

Headed to the Ashfield Swimming Pool Site inspection via Croydon Road to inspect the pedestrian safety improvements and to try to identify the speed humps which were causing issues.

Seems the problem may be the speed humps at Kenilworth St.

Also checked out the intersection of Edwin and Anthony Street.

The improvements on Croydon Road at Anthony Street were being constructed so detours were in plac.

History of Croydon Road Pedestrian Safety Improvements

Ashfield Pool Site Visit

50 Metre Pool
The $44.7 million cost to build the facility is in line with similar projects undertaken in Australia in recent years such as:

  • The Aquanation constructed in Ringwood (2015), $45 million
  • Aquapulse in the City of Wynham (2015), $50 million
  • PARC Peninsula Aquatic Centre in Frankston (2014), $49.6 million
  • GESAC in East Bentleigh (2012), $45 million
  • Watermarc in Greensborough (2012), $46 million
Ashfield Aquatic Centre - Project Status Report - October 2019 -  AgendaCouncil Meeting 22 October 2019

This will be the Gym

Indoor Pool full of water to stop the tiles breaking

Spiral Staircase and Lift

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