Saturday, August 10, 2019

Reducing Speed Limits


30kmph speed limit  in Collingwood and Fitzroy in 12-month trial is being led by the Yarra Council and may be introduced to other parts of Melbourne - 8 August 2018

USA (25mph= 40.23360kph & 20mph= 32.18688kmph)

All 2,400 miles of Seattle’s residential (non-arterial) streets are 20 MPH, which is the same speed limit as our school speed zones... NEW Speed Limit Map July 30, 2018
New York City testing the idea of a “neighborhood slow zone”—a relatively infrastructure-light path to safer streets that drops speed limits to 20 mph on interior roads in residential areas. 

Philadelphia will pick 2 from more than two dozen applications for slow-speed corridors

Portland, Oregon, just wrapped up a campaign installing more than 2,000 new signs to bring residential streets down to 20 mph, along with educational “20 is plenty” signs. 

Boston wants to go further from 25mph it implemented 2 years ago to 20 mph; 

Washington, D.C., could follow suit.....
Read more in  Why Speed Kills Cities,

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