Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Verge Mowing or Carbon Sink and Habitat?

 Sadly the Lab/Lib coalition decided they wanted to start mowing lawns in the former Ashfield Council for ($1million dollars or $800,000 outsourced - this is in the context of an $18million budget deficit) rather than support my foreshadowed motion (which included points 1-3 of the staff recommendation)

1.   Adopt a service standard for street sweeping of seven days per week for mainstreets;

2.   Retain the existing service standard for street sweeping of a 40 working day cycle for residential streets;

3.   Adopt a service standard for verge maintenance of a 20 working day cycle from September to April and a 40 day working cycle from May to August;

4. Council maintains the mowing policy of the former Ashfield Council in
relation to Verges in the former Ashfield LGA and

(a) Notes the cost of extending the verge mowing service to the old Ashfield LGA would cost $1.2 million (or $720,000 if privatised)

(b) Notes that there has been no community consultation on whether residents in Ashfield wish their rates to be spent in this way

(c) Consults with the community in the old Ashfield LGA on measures to improve street amenity, including options such as verge mowing, garden planting, preventing and addressing illegal dumping, and footpath repairs or upgrades, with a view to spending some or all of the $1.2 million saved per year by not extending the verge mowing service.

5. Council consults with the community on a Verge Maintenance Policy to transition away from council maintained lawn verges to:

i)council maintained habitat verges  providing where required paths connecting the footpath and kerbs or

ii)resident maintained verges including grass lawn and providing where
required paths connecting the footpath and kerbs .

Background to Item in Agenda Papers for 25 June 2019 Council Meeting at https://innerwest.infocouncil.biz/Open/2019/06/C_25062019_AGN_3699_AT_WEB.htm

(Photos Annandale Kerb Blisters and Verges)

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