Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Ticking transition to electric buses off my wish list to the Greater Sydney Commission

Pleased that through Jamie Parker's advocacy and petition on Electric Buses, the first Electric Buses in Sydney are on the 470, 433 and 431 routes and hope to experience a ride soon in the course of my regular use of the 470 route in particular.

6 July 2019
In 2017, my submission to the Greater Sydney Commission were that the transition to Electric Buses was missing from their plans....

Guess the driven couldn't resist the headline: Sydney eyes BYD electric buses to silence noisy inner west!

Greater Sydney Commission: What you said

Draft Eastern District Plan
Submission_id: 31213
Date of Lodgment: 13 Dec 2017
Origin of Submission: Online
First name: Marghanita
Last name: Da Cruz
Suburb: 2038

Submission content: 

It is disappointing to see that the Greater Sydney Commission has rehashed the 1940s Cumberland Plan for motorways.
6 July 2019

This is despite the evidence that gridlock is the only possible result of building more streets. Further Sydney siders are turning to Publif Transport to get to work, friends, relatives and entertainment. The social, environmental and economic costs of building a metropolis around the private motor vehicle make this plan irresponsible. The plan should include consideration of: 

1. The transition to distributed energy generation and supply in particular in relation to private local photovoltaic solar energy generation and the necessary infrastructure to for example support urban community solar farms. 

2. Improving the amenity for passengers at bus stops by providing better pedestrian access, reducing air and noise pollution, providing shade from sun,
shelter from rain and information such as bus routes and timetables both digitally and at the bus stop. 

Electric Buses are so quiet you can hear
things rattle and the road needs to be
resurfaced. But the buses are quieter and
emit no fumes at the bus stops. 6 July 2019
3. Reducing noise pollution from aircraft and motor vehicles on homes, schools, restaurants, cafes and public open spaces including footpaths. 

4. The expansion and provision of frequent rail services and inter-region high speed rail services. 

5. On Pg 13 - with regard to schools and childcare - these need to be accessible by good pedestrian, cycling and public transport infrastructure. 

6. Either define an additional glossary or use the GreaterSydney Commission’s glossary to define Public/Open/Green spaces and Public/Mass/Active Transport. 

7. Transition to electric buses - including the necessary infrastructure for recharging. 

8. Public Transport and night time pedestrian amenity play a vital role in the
night time economy to enable workers and patrons to get to and from venues.

Booth St Annandale 6 July 2019
9. With regard to the cruise terminals, particularly the one at White Bay, shore power is required 

10. Improving Pedestrian Safety and Amenity including shelter, shade, rest places, reducing motor vehicle noise and cooling streets needs to be a priority 

11. We need to build liveable walkable Neighbourhood with vegetation to keep them cool and storm water infrastructure that recognises rain water as a vital
resource for replenishing soil moisture to enable trees and other vegetation to survive. 

12. We need to protect a diversity of industries and employment spaces where embryonic businesses can thrive and become sustainable small businesses. 

13. We need to conserve our remnant bushland and re-introduce Local Provenance Biodiversity into street scapes and our parks to survive the changing climate 

14. We need a diversity of quality liveable housing stock with high energy and
water efficiency with walking access to public transport to enable residents to travel across the city for employment, entertainment, social interaction, medical services and education.

- Submission to
Draft Eastern District PlanMarghanita Da Cruz

203813 Dec 2017Online31213.pdf


Draft Eastern District Plan
Submission_id: 31618
Date of Lodgment: 15 Dec 2017
Origin of Submission: Online
First name: Marghanita
Last name: da Cruz
Suburb: 2038
Submission content: 

As an advocate for the protection of Annandale's natural and built heritage, I welcome this statement on local heritage in the Plans for the Eastern District: "A wide variety of local heritage items and heritage streetscapes also form part of the character of centres throughout the District.The conservation and interpretation of places and values of heritage signifcance is required to give current and future generations a beter understanding of history and people’s past experiences. Sympathetic adaptive re-use of heritage is an important
way to conserve heritage signifcance. Improved public access and
connection to heritage through interpretation is also essential” 

Further I put forward my work by way of example of how interpretation can be
assisted through: Guide books and Guided Walks - See Annandale
Short Walk Books at: http://ramin.com.au/walks/ Free Online Material -
Anecdotal History of Annandale
http://ramin.com.au/annandale/story1.shtml and - Self Guided Walk
from Annandale to Sydney with Historical Pictures

You will note that the digitisation programs of the State Archives, National
Archives, Australian War Memorial, State Library, Local Libraries and
the National Library play a vital part in providing material for the

We need to do much more to enable our community tounderstand their natural environment. The numerous creeks and buried tributaries need to be recognised as natural water ways not simply storm water drains. 

We need to recognise the value of our Local Provenance vegetation which provides habitat and food for native animals, while also providing us much needed shade and cooling. See Cool Trees http://www.ramin.com.au/creekcare/cool-trees.shtml 

My work in this aspect of heritage in respect to Annandale includes Art
Exhibitions and Free online information: Eco Annandale - Annandale's
modern EcoSystem http://ramin.com.au/annandale/eco-annandale-2009.shtml 

White's Creek History and artificially constructed Wetlands complete with turtles now!

http://ramin.com.au/annandale/whitescreek-history.shtml and the
constructed Salt Marsh wetlands on the Annandale foreshore
http://ramin.com.au/annandale/wetlands.shtml School Programs which
incorporate components on Local History and Environment would also
be useful. 

Submission to:
Draft Eastern District PlanMarghanita da Cruz

203815 Dec 2017Online31618.pdf

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