Friday, July 5, 2019

Sydney Secondary College Leichhardt Campus STEM Showcase evening

Good to meet the other judges
and teacher David Springbett
Pleased to be invited to attend the Sydney Secondary College Leichhardt Campus STEM Showcase evening yesterday afternoon. Didn't expect to be one of the judges but gave it a go.

David Springbett and the other teachers have done a great job at inspiring and providing an opportunity for the young people, to demonstrate their talents in their iCentre at the Leichhardt.

The 7 and 8 students' projects were in Food and Agriculture, Mixed Materials, Engineering Systems and Digital Technologies. Year 9 and 10 students were also there explaining their projects.

The guest judges STEM Professionals from
the local community (a couple of us),
Navy via CSIRO STEM Professionals in schools,
UNSW via Engineers Without Borders and
the Sydney Metro Project
There were a variety of projects with teams:
  • building model Truss, Suspension and arched bridges out of popsticks and balsa wood.
  • Testing Model Aircraft  made of Balsa Wood complete with on board motors
  • Comparing the characteristics of spagetti and balsa wood as construction materials
  • Measuring Temperatures around School Grounds then making a doco complete with an ad for hats in the Ad Break!
  • A game to orientate new kids and families to the school complete with 3D printed tokens!
  • Refurbishing tired skateboards and printing your own brand t-shirt.
  • Growing Strawberries then creating a sweet lactose free pizza
to mention just a few of the wonderful ideas the kids had put into practice.

Congratulations to the teachers for embracing the new curriculum a year early.

School has certainly changed from my day of processing black and white film and bunsen burners. But good to meet such enthusiastic teachers as they are the ones who inspire and enable you.

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