Friday, June 21, 2019

ALGA NGA 2019 - Recycling Challenges, Organics Processing, Recycling Tyres & Solar

need markets for recyclates
The National Waste Recycling Industry Council (NWRIC) attended the Australian Local Government Association’s National General Assembly in Canberra to promote a shared approach to build a resilient resource recovery sector and a circular economy....

Need markets for recyclates.

The multi-million dollar facility is the centrepiece of the Council’s new greener 3-bin waste management system, which will reduce the amount of waste going into landfill by as much as one third by facilitating the recycling of food refuse.

Food and green waste will be recycled at the new facility and transformed into high-quality compost products for reuse on parks, grounds and sporting fields...

Awaba landfill expansion

Work has started at Awaba to expand Council’s only landfill because at current filling rates, the facility will be full within three years. The expansion project will increase landfill space of the site by two-and-a-half-million tonnes and extend the lifespan of the facility by an estimated 20 years.
The expansion involves:

  • the construction of two additional excavated landfill cells
  • the continual placement of waste over the active landfill area
  • the construction of a pipeline between the facility and Hunter Water Corporation's Waste Water Pump Station at Rathmines for leachate disposal
The existing onsite facilities will also be upgraded as part of the project with:

  • a new weighbridge
  • recycling centre and amenities building
  • a waste transfer station to aid efficiency and limit vehicle traffic at the tip face
A Biodiversity Offest Strategy was developed to comply with the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 approval of the Awaba Waste Management Facility....

Permeable and Non-permeable alternative to Bitumen...on the Tyre Stewardship stall at ALGA Conference - more uses for recycled tyres at

Alice Springs Mayor
Alice Springs Town Council was the lead proponent in the Alice Solar City project that ran from 2008 to 2013.  In that time the program administered $40M of grant funding, providing a $100M economic boost to the town and a total of 700 solar photovoltaic (PV) systems were installed on homes and businesses...

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