Thursday, April 4, 2019

Notes from The Smart City Forum, Sydney, 2-3 April 2019

Fang Chen
An interesting conference with a few ideas to take on board.

Conference Opened with a talk about a smart parking project in Manuka, ACT. -Roger Rooney / Senior Project Manager – Smart Parking, ACT Government 

The next talk was about Water Quality Monitoring, Sewer Dosing and Energy Optimisation in water supply (pumping water up to water tanks). -Fang Chen / Executive Director Data Science, University of Technology Sydney, Australia 

My talk the Smart Inner West

Wearable headset - David Francis / Co-Founder and CEO, Virtual Method, Sydney, Australia 

Craig Chung / Councillor, City of Sydney, Australia 

Huawai IoT platform, LTE based, Hangzhou Fire Network - Dr. David Soldani / CTO, Huawei, Sydney, Australia  See: Miniature fire engine in Hangzhou delights residents (People's Daily Online) 30 Nov 2016
Detecting faults to prevent people being electrocuted in a shower after Perth Tragedy ( Livingston Professor, The University of Queensland, Australia

Libraries, Community Solar and the Urban Forest - Louise Steer / Councillor, Stanmore Ward / Inner West Council, Australia 

Vacuum Waste system - Sunshine Coast Smart Region - Rick Baberowski, / Councillor, Sunshine Coast Council, Australia 
Cr. Lindsay Holland / Councillor, City of Canning, Australia 

Prison Learnings - Cr Elizabeth Re / Councillor City of Stirling, Sydney, Australia  

Antonius Dijkgraaf / Smart Technologies Solutions Lead, GHD, Sydney, Australia 

Priscilla Koukoui / Immersive Digital Solutions Lead, GHD, Sydney, Australia  

People as value not costs - staff as asset - Ken Standfield / Chief Value Officer & CFO,, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  

-Video of Bike Route - rain gardens - 6-7sqkm cost about $400,000 Kasa Digital’s role in 3D City Planning of Moreland Council - Dexter Eugenio / CEO & Co-Founder, KASA, Melbourne, Australia 

open source model black box - Hendra Suryanto / Chief Data Scientist – Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Specialist, Rich Data Corporation, Sydney, Australia  

Working on robot lawn mowers - Fabulous photos of other robots - Using Autonomous Vehicle Technology to Serve Humanity - Sahil Harriram / Co-founder and CEO , Elite Robotics, Australia 

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