Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Newcastle, Shared Path, Docked eBikes and Tram

Signage on the Newcastle Forshore Shared Path.

One giving a speed limit and prioritising pedestrians the other leaving to rider's judgement.


Eastern Terminal of the Light Rail Line
The Newcastle Tram is now in operation.

It is a wireless implementation relying on pantographs to recharge batteries at the stations.

The Heavy rail line has been cut at the western end of the CBD. Wickham is the new interchange from heavy rail to light rail.

Currently there is only a single line at each end of the route.  A similar approach to the Sydney Inner West line is now severely limiting the capacity of the line. (Journeys on the inner west light rail are also growing rapidly, with the circa 10 million trips in the past year already above the number of annual trips predicted for 2026 - 4 May 2017, Open Opal data offers valuable insights for planners and developers

Docked E-Bikes

engaged pantograph
The new tram runs partly in the rail corridor and partly on the road. The light rail extends about 500 meters beyond the Newcastle Railway Station.

Transport NSW is also supporting Docked E-bikes.

Though not on Opal Cards.

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