Heading down to the Pool after Work

My notice of Motion to review the operating times of the Inner West Council Aquatic Centres was passed last night. It was seconded with a minor amendment by Clr Byrne.

Item No:         C0319(2) Item 9
Subject:         Notice of Motion: Review of Aquatic Centre Times           
From:             Councillor Marghanita Da Cruz   


THAT a review of the opening times of swimming pools and other facilities at the Aquatic Centres including extending (or shortening) the season and hours be undertaken and a report be brought back to Council.


At the 12 March 2019 Council meeting, Council resolved to run a trial of keeping a pool open for water polo training from 8.00pm-9.00pm.

Personal Fitness was identified as number 4 and Swimming was identified as number 7 in the recreation needs study (see below).

Many people work long hours and being able to go down to the pool for a swim on the way home would be a nice way to wind down or start the day.

Air pollution is often poor in Sydney and possibly worse in the Inner West, which means it may not be safe for sensitive people to exercise outdoors.

With increasing temperatures there is an growing need for places to cool down.

The Aquatic Centres incorporate Pools, Gyms, Cafes and other community facilities which may not currently fit into the schedules of a large portion of our community.


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