Monday, April 8, 2019

Ester - Book Launch, Royal Historial Society

Aged 16, Esther stood trial at the Old Bailey for stealing 24 yards of black silk lace – a crime that warranted execution. Fortunately, her sentence was transmuted to transportation.
Sue Tronser and Jessica North

She embarked on the perilous journey on the First Fleet as a convict, with no idea of what lay ahead. Esther was one of the first Jewish women to arrive in the new land and, once on shore, she became the servant and, in time, the lover of the dashing young first lieutenant George Johnston.

Caught up with a few people and put faces to names.  

Copies of the book sold out at the launch but I managed to pick up a copy at the nearby state library bookshop. 

As Irina Dunn, North's literary agent said it is really useful to have an index even in a work of fiction, albeit one so based in research.

With Joan Lawrence author of
Balmain, Glebe and Annandale walks

It was wonderful to hear stories from Joan Lawrence of how she used to catch a tram along the Crescent, Annandale to visit her aunt and grandfather at 9 Rose Street in the '50s. Joan is my inspiration in writing and guiding historical walks

Wonderful to also meet and chat with Alan Roberts, for the first time, and whose book I was quoting this morning in my last blog posting before leaving home for the launch!.

There were also a few of Ester's descendents at History House for the launch.
with Jessica North author of Ester

With Alan Roberts author of Marine Officer Convict Wife

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