Pedestrian (and cyclist ) Safety in the Inner West

Last Sunday (March 2022) there was a fatal accident on a pedestrian crossing on Frederick St Ashfield.

There have been two other pedestrian and a cyclist fatality in our LGA in recent times.  

More than 1500 pedestrians are hit on NSW roads each year!!!

Inner West Council PAMP

At its meeting on Tuesday 23 November 2021 Council adopted the following actions regarding accessible footpaths across the Inner West.

  1. Note the completion of the draft Pedestrian Access Mobility Plan which has identified $8M worth of capital works that the new Council consider fast tracking through the development of the 22/23 budget;
  2. Note that an audit is underway of all footpaths and that funding will be allocated to renew all Condition 4 and 5 (poor) footpaths in 2022/23;
  3. Commit to working towards making all Inner West footpaths well-maintained, level and accessible so that everyone can safely travel around their local communities;

Improving pedestrian safety and accessibility

When leaving your home, it’s important that you can move easily and safely around the Inner West. The Draft Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan (PAMP) identifies more than 4000 opportunities to improve pedestrian routes across the next 10 years.

We acknowledge that not everyone identifies as a pedestrian. For this work, anyone who uses pathways is a pedestrian. We especially want to hear from:

  • People that use a mobility aid (e.g. for walking, a wheelchair, a scooter)
  • People with small children with prams
  • People out exercising with their pets
  • People who don’t have access to a car and rely on pedestrian paths
  • People that use pathways as part of their journey, such as catching public transport
  • Children and young people who use skateboards and/or scooters on paths

March 2022: Inner West Cycling Strategy request for input


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